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The Musical Side of Thomas Jefferson

  Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of The United States of America,
played the cello, clavichord and violin.

Our VEMEA website has a new and exciting learning opportunity for you to share with you upper elementary students called The Musical Side of Thomas Jefferson. You will find several general lesson plans, recorder and Orff practice and performance learning activities and assessments created by past-president Debra Kay Robinson Lindsay and MENC member Cynthia Carlton that will enhance your students' learning about Virginia and colonial/federalist President Thomas Jefferson.

Compositions performed in The Musical Side of Thomas Jefferson include Haydn's "Symphony No.94" (Surprise, Movements II and IV) and Handel's "Zadok, the Priest." Maestro Luis Haza conducts the full Virginia Chamber Orchestra.

The Musical Side of Thomas Jefferson was developed by the Fairfax Network for distance learning in Virginia. The Electronic Field Trip format has become so successful that many distinguished, nationally known organizations partner with the network for these programs. In 1998 the Virginia Chamber Orchestra became the first musical organization to co-produce an EFT, "The Musical Side of Thomas Jefferson." These types of programs are shown on educational cable channels enabling entire families to see them as well. These programs are now in demand by thousands of schools across the continental United States and Hawaii, in Canada, Mexico, and Latin America.

For another streaming activity, lessons and activities adventure called The Wonders of Geography: A Musical Atlas of America, take a musical journey through five regions of the United States with the Virginia Chamber Orchestra at http://virginiachamberorchestra.org/education.html. You will experience musical examples that transport students to such landmarks as Mount St. Helens, the Grand Canyon, the Mississippi River, and the Appalachian Mountains. Composers include Ferde' Grofe, Aaron Copland, William Grant Still and Alan Hovhaness.

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