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VMEA/VEMEA Professional Development Grant

Virginia Music Educators Association
Virginia Elementary Music Educators Association

The VMEA/VEMEA Professional Development Grant is offered to support the endeavors of elementary general music teachers in the state of Virginia. The Grant is designed to encourage educators within a district to work together for the betterment of the students of that VMEA district. Three grants of up to $500 may be awarded. VEMEA Grant Application (PDF)

Eligibility Eligible activities include, but are not limited to, the following
  1. Full or part-time music teachers of elementary grades in Virginia
  2. Virginia Music Educators Association member
  • Artist residences
  • Special projects
  • Workshops
  • Master classes
  • Festivals
  VEMEA Grant Application (PDF)


  • The grant is designed to provide support for a specific project and not intended to support components of an on-going program (e.g. chorus/ensemble uniforms, concert folders, music).
  • The grant may be used to purchase music supplies or cover transportation costs if these are components of a specific project.
  • Programs that demonstrate collaboration with other music professionals are highly encouraged.
  • The grant cannot be used to compensate school or PTA/PTO personal with the exception of custodial or building security personnel.

Selection Process

  • VMEA/VEMEA Professional Development Grant recipients shall be selected by a committee of VEMEA members.
  • The VMEA/VEMEA Professional Development Grant will be awarded in the Spring for implementation of projects by the end of that calendar year.
  • Grant recipients shall file a VMEA Event report with the VMEA Treasurer within 7 days of the conclusion of the activity. Grant recipients shall submit a summary report to the grant committee within 30 days of the conclusion of the project.
Four copies of the application and supporting materials should be mailed to:
VMEA/VEMEA Professional Development Grant Committee
C/O Marie Weber
John Tyler Elementary School
3649 Hartford Street
Portsmouth, Virginia 23707

Application and Supporting Material Guidelines
(Application not following guidelines will be disqualified)

  1. Each application must:
    1. Be typed, double spaced with one inch margins, at least a size 10 point font.
    2. The proposal narrative may be no more than three pages.
    3. In order to facilitate “blind scoring?do not use your name or your school’s name in your proposal narrative. The top of each page of the proposal narrative must have the proposal name on the left and the page number on the right.
    4. Submit paper-clipped original proposal narrative- with cover sheet and 5 stabled proposal narrative copies without cover sheet. Applications may include attachments, such as copies of catalog pages or web site pages that describe the materials that will be used. Please make sure that attachments are included with all copies of your proposal.
  2. Detailed description of the project or activity.
  3. Description and number of students/teachers that will be served.
  4. Description of the goals and plans for the project including a schedule of events and a timeline.
  5. Project expectations.
  6. Project budget (Please list other funding sources if applicable).
  7. Biographical material on artistic personal leading project or activity (Maximum 1 page per person).
  8. School division and district background (e.g. location, demographics, number of students served).
Grant Scoring
1-20The degree the program will be beneficial and inclusive
1-10The degree the program serves a large group of students/teachers
1-15The degree the goals are appropriate, realistic, and measurable.
1-15The degree the expectations are clear and realistic
1-15The degree the budget is clear and effective use of resources
1-15The degree the clinician is qualified and appropriate for the project
1-25The creativity or innovative nature of the project